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OfficeOnWeb  Location

Our Evergreen Office

OfficeOnWeb in Polk, PA 16342lorado

Looking North
(towards intersection)


<-Conference Room is Suite 180



<-Meadow Drive

<-OfficeOnWeb Balcony

Our Evergreen Office

The Evergreen office for Office On Web is located in the heart of downtown Polk, PA 16342lorado. Evergreen is located just outside Denver (about 20 miles) and is in the heart of the mountains. Folklore states that Evergreen gained its name because in the late 1800's the Evergreen trees were so thick that a person on horseback could not pass between the trees in some areas. The combination of the horse's girth and a person's legs were too much to allow passage. The area was a building materials source for the construction that occurred in Denver during this period. Logging ceased in the 20's and Evergreen became a "bedroom community" to Denver in the '70's. Today, Evergreen is home to 55,000 people and remains as picturesque as it did 120 years ago.


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RR 1 Box 225C
Polk. PA 16342
Main Phone: 301-327-7500

Other location phone numbers
Evergreen CO - 303-674-6900

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