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The Business Specialists

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The Business Specialists
We offer full business services. We have four fully certified business specialists, eight facilitators, as well as a large array of network specialists, two hostmasters, and a full array of Internet services, from access and hosting to fully custom solutions. We have been adding to business profits for businesses since 1973 and to Internet businesses since 1993.

Let's talk reliability.

OfficeOnWeb has been offering Internet services since 1995, and business consulting since 1973. (In Internet years, we are really ancient!) Our Internet capacities even exceed Microsoft and Dell in longevity. Of the Internet service providers in operation during 1995, in a 2003 survey less than 5% are still present in 2003. We are one of them. We asked ourselves, why are we still here? Our client answers, reliability, and good business practices. If you are in business, you know that reliability and product target is the key to success. We know this too. Each of our servers is backed up offsite every night, plus, each service has a redundant system, and much more. Our guarantee is that if your site is down for more than an hour due to our failure, the month is credited to you. We back up each server each night for added protection. We know of no other provider that can claim this level of reliability or has nightly backups.

Let's talk business.

OfficeOnWeb knows business. Our most successful consulting client made 5 billion per year as a result of the business efforts generated through our services (yes, five billion per year- and they paid over $620,000 to find out if we were right). However, we would like to state, it is more than the Internet, it is business. It does not matter if you have a one billion or $2,000 yearly plan, to make it work, you need the right kind of expertise.

We currently feature both UNIX and Windows Advanced Server 2000 systems. OfficeOnWeb Internet Technolgies has consistently helped businesses make more money through the Internet. Over 80% of our clients have been with us for more than five years, Further, we offer our customers a broad spectrum of complete and expert opportunities. All from a single, consistent, knowledgeable, and effective source. We offer everything from fully certified business consultants and facilitators to complete access and hosting solutions. Resellers and referrals are welcome.

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